Jamestown church of Christ

Bible Classes What We're Studying

Why We Study

Because the LORD chose His Word to be the means by which men are saved (Romans 1:16; James 1:21; John 8:32), we emphasize the importance of Bible study in the Christian's life. The Bible teaches that the Word can be understood by all men (Acts 17:11) and that Christians have an obligation to study it and learn how to handle it properly (2 Timothy 2:15; 1 Peter 3:15). As a result, our Bible classes are taught by Christians, focused on the text of the Bible and tailored to each age group in order to help each individual learn the Bible and apply it to their lives.

What We're Studying Weekly

Infant and Toddler Class

Starting at an early age, our children are able to learn about the God we serve. Teachers work with infants and toddlers to show them God's glory through Creation, His work for salvation with Noah, caring for His people through Joseph and making a covenant with Israel and Moses. They learn about Jesus and the way He teaches us through parables. Topics will generally change each quarter since children learn best at this age through repetition.

Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Our kindergarten - 3rdand 4th - 5th grade classes are each learning through "Our Spiritual Heritage" curriculum. Students see God's plan to build His family and will be able to identify His plan's fulfillment throughout the scriptures. These age groups are separated to allow them to understand at their individual levels.

Jr High / Sr High

Our Jr High and Sr High classes spend time learning through specific topical studies. Students learn about godly attitudes and what it means to live righteously as a young person. They are challenged to make Bible study a consistent part of their lives. Currently, both the Jr High and Sr High school classes are studying Bible Authority and Evidences.

Adult Class

Bible study is important for Christians of all ages. Adults classes are generally balanced between Old Testament and New Testament studies on Sunday morning and Wednesday night classes. The Adult class is currently studying Evidences and Godly Character.

Special Classes

In addition to weekly Bible classes, we also conduct special classes to edify specific groups within the church.


Once a month, the ladies get together for topical studies. It's a special time for women of the congregation to discuss applications from their perspective on topics like patience, the parables of Jesus, Bible character studies and topics they choose.

Young Ladies / Young Men

Each month, the young ladies and young men have special, separate classes focusing on topics impacting them in their specific stage of life such as dating, influence, modesty and purity.

Our Spiritual Heritage (OSH)

The Our Spiritual Heritage curriculum helps the student see God's plan to build His family and traces that plan through the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation.


The Word of God is our personal, spiritual heritage telling the story of our roots and our ultimate destiny. The Our Spiritual Heritage curriculum helps the student see God's plan to build His family and traces that plan through the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation. Memorable people and events from the Bible illustrate powerful lessons and fix them in minds, both young and old. The curriculum emphasizes how the coming of Jesus was the fulfillment of God's plan and the method by which He would adopt mankind as His own Sons and Daughters.


Each week, students study a primary Bible lesson on Sunday and review it on Wednesday. They spend time in review to understand how the current narrative ties to previous lessons. Using flash cards, maps, timelines and character cards, students learn an ever-expanding repertoire of Bible books, people, places, themes, dates and events. The tactile and interactive learning methods go beyond a knowledge of facts and teach the greater purpose of how God used these people to accomplish His great plan for us.


Jericho's wall

Every six months, students approach the Bible from a new theme, a lens through which they view the history of God's relationship with men. Each lesson fits in that theme and focuses on a specific Bible text. Students work with their parents to prepare for their lesson at home with individual workbooks. Once in class, teachers reinforce the concepts in the lesson and demonstrate how the LORD accomplished his plan throughout the Bible.

Who Wall

Who Wall

In each lesson, students identify the characters who play a part in each lesson. Students consistently recognize God's role and the results for those who obey God and those who fail to do so. Teachers use drill exercises with students on each character's part in the lesson.

When Wall

When wall

Each week, students review the timeline and understand when the week's lesson fit into that timeline. The narratives go beyond mere facts and students come to thoroughly understand the role each narrative plays in the fulfillment of His plan.

Where Wall


Students become familiar with where the narratives of each lesson occured as they identify and memorize locations on the map. Seeing these events on maps confirms that these were real events that occured in real places demonstrating the truth of God's Word.