Jamestown church of Christ

2018 Spring Meeting Hear the Gospel

You are cordially invited to hear the word of God proclaimed by
Greg Gwin of Columbia, TN
for our

2018 Spring Gospel Meeting

June 3-8

Is the Testimony of Eye-witnesses Credible?

Sunday 9:30 am

The Book of Life

Sunday 10:30 am

A Spiritual "Living Will"

Sunday 4:00 pm

The Victory at Jericho

Monday 7:00 pm

Simple Keys to Help Us Understand the Book of Revelation

Tuesday 7:00 pm

Evidence for the Bible Found in Chinese Language

Wednesday 7:00 pm

The Rest of the Story (Conversion of the Philippian Jailer)

Thursday 7:00 pm

Responses at Every Service

Friday 7:00 pm
Greg Gwin

Greg Gwin
Collegevue church of Christ
Columbia, TN


Is The Testimony Of Eye Witnesses Credible?

Simon Greenleaf, founder of Harvard Law School, stated that the credibility of witnesses depends on their honesty, ability, the consistency of their testimony, how their testimony conforms with experience and how it coincides with the circumstances. Using those criteria, we can evaluate the testimony of the disciples of Christ. Were they credible witnesses?


The Book Of Life

Throughout our lives, people keep records about us. Whether it be school, work or the IRS, we're being tracked, and it's only increasing in the digital age. However, none of these records are important as whether our names are recorded in the Book of Life. God is keeping a record that has eternal consequences. Nothing is as important as that record and not everyone's name will be recorded in the Book of Life.


A Spiritual Living Will

A living will documents what you want to happen to you if you become incapacitated, incapable of making reasonable choices for yourself. What would happen if we applied that concept to our spiritual lives? What would you want others to do for you if you became "spiritually ill," manifesting the signs of spiritual weakness or unfaithfulness. If we acknowledge that nothing is more important than our souls, then it would benefit us to consider what might be our spiritual living will while we're strong enough to make good choices.


The Victory at Jericho

There are numerous famous battles that we may remember or even memorialize. Military leaders study battles to formulate future military strategy. One of the most important battles of the Old Testament was Israel's victory over Jericho. We benefit from studying this battle and can make spiritual applications as it relates to our faith.