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The Church & Its Organization

Historically, the word we use for "church" was quite simply just a group of people, an assembly. In fact, we see it used in the bible in a "non-religious" sense in Acts 19:39, translated "assembly". What makes "church" significant is not what it is, but whose it is. In Matthew 16:18, Jesus established His church!

We are a group of His people meeting in Jamestown, Indiana. In the bible, there is no reference to a church hierarchy with regional leadership. Instead, we see local groups serving Christ autonomously. The roles we see appointed are the overseers/elders and deacons for a local church (Philippians 1:1). Here are some faces that you are likely to see when you visit us and some background about who they are.


The Bible uses several words to refer to these overseers of a local church based on their responsibilities. They are called overseers (Philippians 1:1), elders (Acts 21:18; Titus 1:5-7), leaders/rulers (Hebrews 13:17), bishops (Titus 1:5-7; 1 Timothy 3:1-2) and pastors (Ephesians 4:11). All of these are referring to the same role. These men are to guide, guard, oversee, feed and protect the flock of God. We are extremely fortunate to have so many men serving in this role to oversee our local work.

Julian Owens

Julian Owens Financial Biker

Julian has worshiped with the Jamestown church of Christ since his childhood. He works in the financial services industry as an investment advisor, but in his free-time, he loves to take road trips on his Harley Davidson.

Mark Newton

Mark Newton Teaching Scientist

Mark works in the pharmaceutical industry as a quality control scientist, but also enjoys building and flying rockets. He has worshiped with the church in Jamestown since 1972, and loves teaching Bible classes.

Bob Staton

Bob Staton Big Builder

Operating their own business in the construction industry, Bob and his wife often bring their work home remodeling their 100+ year old house. He's worshiped with the Jameston church of Christ for over 20 years. With his large stature and bigger personality, he's difficult to miss and fun to be around.

David Thomas

David Thomas Grocery Rancher

David has been worshiping with the Jamestown church of Christ since 1999. Though he works in the grocery industry as an operations manager, he prefers to raise his own beef and enjoys working his farm.

Hughie Mizell

Hughie Mizell Whimsical Barber

Hughie began worshiping with the church at Jamestown in 2001 and found them to be a faithful and friendly group. He is a barber by trade and owns a landmark Barber shop in the heart of Brownsburg. He loves to spend time with his friends and family and they love his sense of humor.


The Bible makes a distinction between the work of a pastor and that of a preacher. The preacher, or evangelist, is to proclaim the gospel of Christ. In the New Testament, Timothy was not a pastor, but Paul instructed him to, "Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching" (2 Timothy 4:2). The preacher does not have any leadership role for a local church, but makes his living proclaiming the Word of God.

David McPherson

David McPherson Preaching Wildcat

David has been preaching for Jamestown church of Christ since 2015, but we haven't broken his love of his Kentucky home and the Wildcats. David grew up working hard with his family's pig operation and studied agribusiness economics. David does a great work preaching and teaching the gospel. In his free time, he likes spending time with family and watching sports.


Deacons are not leaders, but "servants" appointed to serve the needs of a local group. Like elders, men who desired this work were to meet criteria as Paul described to Timothy in 1 Timothy 3:8-12. They are selected by the church, appointed by the elders and assigned specific responsibilities for the church.

Dennis Boone

Dennis Boone Cycling Craftsman

Dennis loves riding his motorcyle, enjoys woodworking and likes antiquing with his wife. He grew up worshiping with the Jamestown church of Christ and moved away after high-school. He and his family returned to work with the church in 2016 and is active working with the church's teaching curricula.

Donis Boone

Donis Boone Horses Around

Donis enjoys his retirement, but formerly worked for GM and Purina Mills. Donis had quite a reputation and career showing miniature horses for several decades and commemorates his love for them with a statue in his front yard. He and his wife married in 1951 and became members of the Jamestown church of Christ in 1967.

Donis Boone

Kendrick Davis Fishin' Fireman

Kendrick and his family began worshiping with the Jamestown church in 2016. He's been encouraged by the selfless attitude he's witnessed and by the strong, faithful youth of the group. He keeps pretty busy working as a firefighter, paramedic and real estate agent, but enjoys four-wheeling and fishing when he can.

Ron Dodson

Ron Dodson Honest Picklock

Ron has enjoyed working on his hobbies and helping others during his retirement. He enjoys solving puzzles and mastering challenges. Ron exercises this talent by repairing small engines, picking locks and cracking combinations. He's appreciated for the ways he has served the Jamestown church of Christ for many years.

Brad Dickey

Brad Dickey Thoughtful Trucker

Brad and his family came to work with the church at Jamestown in 2001 because of their emphasis on the truth, desire to teach others and "small town" atmosphere. He drives a semi truck during the day, but loves time with his family, outdoor activities and following sports. He's a reliable worker and thoughtful friend.

Danny Elkins

Danny Elkins Innocent Bus Driver

Danny came to worship with the Jamestown church of Christ in 2010 because of their strong Eldership. He likes being part of a smaller church because it keeps him actively involved and results in a stronger faith. Danny drives a bus for the local school system, enjoys watching basketball and spending time with family. He has a great sense of humor and enjoys a little innocent mischief.

Matt Pittman

Matt Pittman Off-Road Tech

In 2017, Matt and his family started worshiping at Jamestown. He grew up in the area and wanted his son to have a group of faithful friends. Matt manages information technology in the mortgage industry. He enjoys ATVs and movies in his free time. He's a funny guy and is always up for a good discussion.

Todd Ranney

Todd Ranney Biking Builder

As a general contractor, Todd is not afraid of getting his hands dirty or of hard work. He may even be accused of being a perfectionist. Todd chooses to work with the church at Jamestown because of their uncompromising stand for the truth and family atmosphere. He takes great joy seeing the spiritual growth among his children and grandchildren. When he has the time, he also enjoys riding his Harley Davidson.

Corey Willis

Corey Willis Utility Geek

Corey and his family started worshiping with the Jamestown church of Christ in 2007 when he took a job in the area. He was attracted to the church because of the wisdom and mutual concern that was evident among them. He oversees business operations for an electric utility by day and enjoys playing music and writing software in his free time.