Jamestown church of Christ

Why We Sin and How We Overcome Special Series

Why do we sin

And how do we overcome?

The Problem of Sin

What was worse than falling in sin was that Judah felt no shame for her sins. Jeremiah wrote, "they did not know how to blush" (Jer 6:15). Continuing in sin is normal for the world, but should not represent the life of a Christian. Though sin is universal to man, Jeus came to forgive sin and freedom from being continually under its control.

Excuse: "We're Only Human"

Frequently, when men fall short and sin against God, they may cite the reason, "I'm only human." However, being a human is no reason to sin, it's merely an excuse. The Bible clearly teaches that sin is a human problem, but the sinless life of Jesus demonstrates that it IS possible to be sinless, yet fully human.

We Fail to See Sin for What It Is

When we sin against God, we've chosen to do so (James 1:13-15) and it begs the question of how we can arrive at such a horrible decision. Maybe it's due to the fact that we fail to see sin for what it is. The world has a distorted perception of sin. Society mocks, minimizes, ignores and even glorifies sin, but when we consider what sin is, what are its consequences and what was required of God to forgive it, we will be more emboldened to maintain purity before the LORD.


Since the beginning of time, Satan has attempted to deceive mankind. When we allow ourselves to be deceived, we open the door to sin. Satan wants us to believe that sin is not evil, it's not a problem and that God's standards loosen over time and circumstance. If we can recognize Satan's lies, we are less likely to fall for them.


The Word of God warns us about the danger of pride. When we think too highly of ourselves, we are more susceptible to fall into sin. Pride is overconfident, entitled and believes itself to be above the rules. We must learn humility by acknowledging who we are, who God is and where we stand among God's creation.

Failing To Fill Our Time With Good Things

Sin takes time, energy and resources, but if we fill our time with good things, the things of God, then we won't have the time to fall to Satan's temptations. Paul warned about the danger of idleness and it was at the heart of David's fall. We need to use our time to serve God, teach and help others, study His Word, pray and spend time with our families.